My friend, while watching George Michael perform at the Olympics, thought George Michael was Bono.

Excuse me… what?

Butterflies in my stomach.  Beautiful piece of sci-fi artwork.  Starlord looks like he’s gonna’ be at the top of my very, very long list of heroes.  Guardians of the Galaxy will be mind-fuck delicious.

5 Step Program

Every once in a little while:

  • Stop and breathe.
  • Forget every motivational poster you’ve ever seen and every pick up speech you’ve ever been given.
  • Really, truly appreciate what and who you have in the present.
  • Clear your mind and lay out your moves like a slide, totally disregarding the “what if” equation?
  • Make your plan, jump in and grab your testicles to make sure they haven’t grown TOO large.

If you do it right, you can be a new, wiser you every day.  But you have to be consistent, lest the wheel stop spinning.

And if you can do that long enough, you might not even notice when your weaknesses comes bleeding out.

Now go, fuck the police!


Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do.

David Bowie’s Space Oddity illustrated by Nicole Kozak :: via

Carside Conversation

While driving along earlier, the most intriguing thought entered my mind..

How awkward is it to be the President’s proctologist?  


All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos 


(Source: igperish)

Phone Home by Thunderbolt_TW on Flickr